Wednesday, March 17, 2010

pulling a switch-a-roo

So, it's been a little over a week of blogging in two places and, I gotta tell you. I'm exhausted! Too many ideas, too much time spent to post each, and - for whatever reason - I feel like I'm split in two! I know, I know...chill, girly, it's only blogging and you're not even a blogger, you're a designer. I couldn't agree more. So, because a gal only has so much to say, I think I'm going to say it on my new blog "from cville with love." It's got a fancy banner that I plan to switch out each month. It's got fancy posts and images and links and I promise it will be filled with all of the goodness and love that the laurel denise blog has been filled with for the past year or so. I hope you'll change your readers and update your bookmarks and follow the ins and outs of Laurel Denise, Cute Husband and my crazy ways over at from cville with love.

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